A letter to the participant

Hi World Changer,

We are Billion. We are the world’s first tournament style crowdfunding platform and we want to change the world. But before we tell you what’s happening in Columbus, Ohio, we want to tell you a little bit about us.

It started with a passion to do good in the world. If you only pay the slightest attention today, you know that there are immense issues in the world that need to be solved, issues that impact millions of people, if not billions. Why does human trafficking still exist? Why do we live in an age where the technology exists to grow organs, yet we still live on a dying planet? We wanted to let people from all walks of life- from the cashier at your local grocery store to the multimillionaire, be able to contribute to a cause that impacted billions of people. This is because we believe that to truly solve problems that impact the world, the world needs to first lend a helping hand.

Ultimately we realized that there wasn’t a globally accessible solution to solve these billion-people impact problems. This was when Billion was born.

Billion combines the immense power of crowdfunding with the interactiveness of basketball bracket to pool the world’s resources into one fund to benefit the globe.

Why Billion

Because crowdfunding sites that currently exist are aimed at solving smaller issues. Your dollar in the Billion Fund has the chance to snowball into a massive opportunity to find solutions to world issues. A movement that originally starts as a spark of a brilliant idea in the midst of a sea of others, is given a chance to grow and shine with your support. The idea behind Billion is finding a solution each year to a huge issue. The reason we choose one is because giving a huge fund to a movement with huge potential creates bigger impact then spreading the fund over several.

How Billion Works

Pitch & Rally

People and organizations with great ideas pitch their movements to be featured on Billion. The top fourteen ideas are selected by the Billion team based on the criteria of innovation, impact, and viability.

Once selected, these movements rally their supporters to raise money for the Billion Fund. Points are awarded based on the amount of money that is raised: each dollar will earn the movement 1 point.

The teams with the most points advance to the next stage of the event: the bracket


The top eight teams compete during the Columbus Independents' Day Festival in a tournament to determine the winner. Teams can earn points in two ways:

  • Online: money can be raised online during the festival to give the teams points as in the previous stage.
  • At the festival: Billion is partnering with Multivarious Games to host an awesome augmented reality game in a 30-foot long shipping container. Admission fees to play the game contribute directly to the Billion Fund, and points will be awarded to the movement that is selected by the player.

The Winner

After three rounds of hard fought battles over two days, the winner emerges and is awarded the Billion Fund.

With the support from the community, the winner goes on to change Columbus.

Help us find the winner and change the world

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