This is your bathroom

The mission of This Is Your Bathroom is to create transportable stations to provide bathrooms for people in need.

Civic Machine

Data Repository for community statistics driving social change.

Project Hygeia

Recycles and repurposes bathroom amenities from the hospitality industry to improve homeless hygiene.

Round it

Round up your credit card transactions to support causes that you and your friends care about.


omniBUS is a mobile app that eliminates transportation uncertainty by showing users where their bus is in real-time. Don’t worry. Just ride.


The Tinder for people who are passionate about social good. Match with social good events and singles in your area and meet for a date!

Feed the Need

When you order food for delivery, adding the option of delivering to the homeless community at the same time.


KindQuest is a social media platform based on sharing the experience of kind acts.


Connecting students, adults, and families with art, design, and technology through a hands on facility.


Providing access to other people who speak a different language to help others learn new languages and cultures.

Capitol Capital

Directing grassroots donations for congressional campaigns.


AltU guides students in exploring alternative career paths by connecting them with companies who care.